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I iz drunked

I did little work today, though I did go for an astham checkup. I have reported before on the existence of Fred the Nose Polyp. Well apparently a recent discovery is that dousing him in steroid nose dreiops will make him smaller! Exchellente as the eaters of piles of golden chocoltates would say. I have bought somne Flixonase, but forgot to get any coffee. Woeisme, for I only have cofdfee bags that are bbfore 2006! Woesss...

Philmophlegm came in and asked if I wanted a restorative whisky. Of course I said yess, but was then unable to decide between the Glenlivet and the Dunsomethign or other. So he poured me generous tot of both.

I like the dundomething better. but both have made me type. very inaccruately.

Should I stop work for the day? I have done very litle but it seems the wise movce.

Edit: have vistedn kithcen againg. Dunsomething is actually DAlwhinnie.
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