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Being Human

I just watched the 'one-off drama' Being Human (Sky plussed from 18th) and thought it was rather good. Did anyone else see it?

(If you didn't but want to, it's still on Iplayer for a couple more days - http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/ )

I've not cut this because I don't think there's anything in it you wouldn't get from the trailers. It's about a werewolf (male, very sweet), a vampire (male, very pretty) and a ghost (female, very Northern) who rent a house together. It felt very neatly written and the three main characters were all very likeable. I hope it gets made into a series. It did feel a little bit like "Game On with Horror' but not, I think, in a bad way. Oh, and it's set in Bristol, which makes a nice change.

Philmophlegm didn't care for it, but the poor chap is suffering from an awful cold and went to bed early, so was probably not in the best state of mind to appreciate anything much.

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