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Running fast: still moving backwards - infamous machine!

I'm trying to migrate stuff from the old XP laptop (Orm) to the new Vista laptop (Embar). The old laptop clearly considers this a betrayal, and is pulling out all the stops to prevent it. Yesterday he decided to randomly go to sleep throughout the day. I wasn't having that. I hoovered the bugger. That seemed to help a bit, but clearly the damn thing is on its last legs and I need to get the data off ASAP as it hasn't wanted to run a backup for a couple days either.

First I tried pulling my data off over the network. Orm responded by deciding to refuse to see the workgroup or anything in it. It's never done this before and is clearly doing it out of sheer spite.

So, then I put stuff on a camera SD card, and moved it that way. Only, I was using philmophlegm's SD card, which is only 1Gb, and mostly full. So I thought I'd use my faster Extreme III 2GB SD card (mostly empty) instead. So, I removed the few files on that and tried it in Orm. No go. Orm has decided that 2GB is Too Big for an SD card, and refuses to recognise it.

So, back to philmophlegm's 1GB card. First, copy 830Mb of photos off that onto Embar, in case he doesn't have copies of them. Card now empty. Will Orm recognise it? YES! Hurray!

Copy some files from Orm to the card. At first this goes swimmingly. Hurray again! But then Orm becomes grumpy. The card is no longer to his taste. He's still copying files to it, but slower and slower and s-l-o-w-e-r.

I'm writing this on Orm, by the way, while I wait for files to very slowly copy - and in proof of the 'sheer spite' element, it refused at first to let me type the bit above, where I rant about that. Then when finally it decided to let me type it, it did it really slowly, with a delay on each letter. Dratted thing. Now it seems to have decided that it will let me type, but instead it will just make the 'minutes remaining' ticker increase ad infinitem... Grrr.

Another annoying thing is that I know that a lot of the stuff I copied in my attachments directory (630 MB!) is just crud. But it takes so long to sort and delete crud on Orm, that really it's easier to just move the lot, crud and all. It's sorely tempting to set a lower attachment size limit on the server so that people can't email me stupid 5Mb attachments of which 4Mb is probably some daft image that they have crammed into a tiny space but is still vast in filesize terms.

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