bunn (bunn) wrote,

Posted while deleting spam

I still haven't managed to migrate everything to my new laptop, so I am currently deleting spam from my old one. Sometimes people say to me things like 'I got a hundred spams today, things are getting out of hand!' Ha, I say.

Today so far I think I've deleted about 15,000 spams, all of them sent me between 16th December. and Christmas. There is so much of it that I've discovered my creaky old laptop can't cope with deleting more than about 3,500 at a go, so I have to do them in batches.

Obviously most of them hit the automated filters and I don't see them, but I tend to keep them for a month or so just in case something goes in there that I actually want. However, I'm starting to think that this methodology has had its day, and I'm going to have to change things so that if it's marked as spam, it goes into the ether. Even the simple joy of the bizarre language that can offer a GabrielleSchlongProminent, or offer to Improve my Carrot is wearing a bit thin.

Of course, the new laptop may offer more efficient spamdeletion...

In other news, yesterday, we went for a walk in Saltash, where Az was alarmed by the distant sound of shotguns. We foolishly visited Waitrose before lunch while very hungry. I planed the bottom of the kitchen door so it would fit over the new rug, and finally put up the new loo roll holder and loo brush. I did not mow the lawn, though it badly needs it and we have some sunny weather for a change. Lawn never really gets dry at this time of year, what with being on the wrong side of the hill.

OK, that will do, I've now got as far as 13th Jan, and I've lost count of the spams!

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