bunn (bunn) wrote,

Mooli and chowchow

In the greengrocer in Tavistock, I found some Unusual Vegetables: mooli and chow chow. I am sure they came with insane numbers of food miles but I am bored of leeks now.

I had not seen either before, so will have to experiment. This: http://www.newindpress.com/sunday/sundayitems.asp?id=SEL20060310072052&eTitle=New+Age+Living&rLink=0 makes chow chow (or chayote) sound so amazing that I almost want to grow it, though I bet it's not frost hardy. See what it tastes like first!

Any recipe recommendations for my Unusual Vegetables?

I bought a box of physalis as well, which made me wonder if I should try growing those again. I don't know why they are always imported from so far away when you see them in the shops, as I have found they grow perfectly well in an unheated greenhouse in my garden: they seem to have similar requirements to tomatoes.

I also got some lychees. I do adore lychees and you usually can't get them here. alas, I fear they are one fruit I shall never be able to grow for myself!
Tags: food, garden

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