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Snowy day out

This morning we could see that the snow on top of Dartmoor was *still there*. In fact, there was even more of it! It had even snowed down in our village, though only very slightly and it was almost gone by the time we'd got up. So we went to scale the heights to find some snow. And we found some! It was quite shallow, but enough that some people were sledging, and others were building tiny snowmen.

Yay, we like snow!

Mollydog thinks snow is for racing about in. Az thinks that rolling in it is more fun

Oh no, who is this scary person with a snowball? He's going to snowball us!

Run! Run!



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3rd Feb, 2008 09:12 (UTC)
*is jealous*
4th Feb, 2008 17:36 (UTC)
Anyone wanting snow is welcome to filch some from my yard. Haven't seen the ground since November.
4th Feb, 2008 23:44 (UTC)
I thought of you and all your snow! I bet our snow looks really thin and tiny. We were enormously pleased with it though. If only snow could be transmitted by email...
5th Feb, 2008 19:53 (UTC)
If I could send you some, believe me, I would. It's still at least a foot thick across most of the yard. I could spare at least six inches of it. (sigh)

(mumbles hopefully: spring is coming, spring is coming, spring is coming...)
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