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I have many small pieces of news which I shall here recount. I'm not 100% sure yet as I am right at the start of this post at the moment, and more things may come up as I stream of consciousness along - but I think that each tiny tale has it's own miniature eucatastrophe, which is always pleasing.

1) my old Toshiba laptop is on the point of ruin. It died (overheating) during a meeting on Tues: how embarrassing. Also, one of my USB ports is totally knackered, and of the remaining 2 one is a bit bobbly, and the front of the CDROM drive falls off if you aren't careful. Cleaning out old software from startup has helped a bit, but the other day I needed to restart PC and applications about 4 times in a day. I read about 100 pages of book, while waiting for everything to be ready for me to work on again...

BUT my new laptop (A Dell XPS M1530) arrived today, courtesy of a lovely (?Polish) delivery man who despite being quite unable to find our house, rain, wind, fog and a village that spreads over more than a mile all of the same postcode, much of it impervious to mobile phones - refused, heroically to give up.

My new Dell laptop is blue, like my old one only more whizzy. I love blue computers. Also the keyboard is all aluminiumy and swish.

Spoiling the happy ending slightly, it did take a long time booting into Vista for the first-ever time. Let's hope that having 4 times the memory of the old system will give it at least a small performance advantage.

2) I spilt coffee on our brand new carpet. But it washed out with no problems.

3) A client who has not paid a bill of well over £3000 phoned to say that the work he was paying for was not complete and ready to launch as we had thought. It needs more doing to it.

However, he was reasonably pleased with what had been achieved, said it was about 80% there, did not think it was my fault, is paying his bill today and will pay more for the time needed to get the damn thing finished. Hurray!

4) although I ate sticky toffee pudding and drank beer yesterday, I have none the less somehow managed to lose 9 pounds since 10th Jan.

5) I have a number of nightmare projects that have taken longer than expected, and several of which I should never have taken on. But I think we are finally, at long last, getting towards the end of that tunnel.

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