bunn (bunn) wrote,

Beanbag sharing

Mollydog and Az have been sharing a beanbag. I think this is the first time they've ever done this.

Mollydog had the beanbag and wasn't shifting (hour and a half offlead walk this morning, then another half hour this evening=tired, upside down greyhound)

Az wanted the beanbag. He came and asked me if I would move Mollydog off the beanbag, but I said no.

Then he went and playbowed at Mollydog and chucked a fluffy toy at her. Normally she would get all excited by that, but this time she was too tired.

Then he came and made big eyes at me and asked if I would let him sit on the sofa instead, but I was mean and said no.

Finally, he decided he would climb into the beanbag with Mollydog. Neither of them were entirely comfortable - so many long bony legs in one beanbag! But eventually they found a position where nobody was sticking a leg into anything voonerable. This went on for a couple of hours.

Then Az slowly made himself bigger and bigger, until Mollydog fell out of the beanbag. Mollydog is now asleep on the non-beanbag dog bed...

I wonder if I should just buy another beanbag? But I know that it won't be so popular once the summer comes: beanbags are too warm for pointy dogs in the summer.

I like it that they are so fond of each other. They are the first dogs I've had that seem really bonded as a pair.
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