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Rain, rain go away

Blue sky this morning and it was mild and springlike as I set out to walk the dogs, so I abandoned my rainhat and even Az did not demand his coat. Fools! For no sooner were we at the furthest point from the house than the rain arrived, in a great persistent soak that followed us all the way home and drenched my trousers.

I always forget how suddenly new weather arrives here. It almost always comes up on us out of the west, and you can't see west from our house, the shoulder of Hingston Down is in the way.

Speaking of Hingston Down, it struck me as I was cursing it for hiding the rain clouds that there is, so far as I am aware, no sign or plaque or indication anywhere on the Down that this was the location of the last stand of the Cornish in 838. It's a long time ago and I'm not sure how 100% accurate the location is, but that doesn't normally stop people putting up signs.

You'd think the end of an independent British princedom would deserve some sort of marker, but no, all we have is a quarry. The nineteenth century mine buildings have signs (presumably something to do with the Mining World Heritage funding) but not the battle, which seems to me just as interesting and a lot more Romantic... I bet there would be a sign if it were in Wales.
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