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Wrong or Unacceptable ?

I have noticed a few instances recently where people have said 'This is unacceptable' when what I think what they really mean is: 'This is wrong'.

I can't remember the exact situation now, but I noticed it on the news from some British governmental spokesperson commenting on a human rights abuse of some fairly appalling nature.

Then I noticed it again on "Hugh's Chicken Run*" ( TV program campaigning against intensive chicken farming with Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall.) I am pretty sure that what Hugh meant was not that the practice of intensive chicken farm was unacceptable to him, but that it was also morally wrong.

Is it no longer acceptable to say that you believe something to be wrong?

* if you click the link you can sign a petition to the supermarkets. I'm not sure if there is a lot of point in this, as the programs demonstrated all too clearly, it's not the supermarkets that make people buy tortured chickens: the supermarkets stock them because people demand them, and don't care about the cost to the birds as long as the cost to themselves is minimal. But I signed anyway.

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