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Arty Things

I don't seem to have posted many arty things here for a week or so, so here are the latest ones I've made.  Here's a bonfire, made for painting-fire practice, with a glass of beer.  I took some photos of beer & bonfire a few years back that didn't entirely capture the light in the glass or the reflection of the light on background leaves, so this was an attempt to show what it really looked like: 

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Theo Goes to Dog School

He found it very exciting, and also exhausting.  There were two other puppies in his class, a Labrador and a Springer spaniel, plus one older dog who was attending because he pulled on the lead.  We met more puppies coming for the second hourly class as we left, too, so that was very exciting for him too.   

The Springer, a month younger than Theo, was very obviously fearful, and barked defensively at all the other dogs and the trainer's small child who was with her (due to lack of babysitter. Just over 1 year old, and very dog-friendly!).  But he warmed up over the course of the class and by the end he and Theo were playbowing at one another.

Theo did very well.   I had forgotten just how often you need to reward when you are starting out training — I've got out of the habit with Rosie, who will rarely take any food rewards.  Theo does not have that problem.  But I rather fear that any food rewards will be considered less of a draw than hunting, when he is a little older.  He already finds squirrels quite unbearably exciting, and has caught no less than three mice in the garden!   

He's got the hang of asking to go out when he needs to, and sleeping through the night in his crate now, so I am no longer sleeping on the sofa and popping out with him for hourly pee breaks, which is a relief.

War in the East of Middle-earth

It's taken me a while to complete this: arrival of puppy proved timeconsuming.

After part 1...

Pan out from the quest for the Numenorean Prince Irimon to a wider scale:the great unknown lands in the East of Middle-earth, for there are many forces moving as Sauron's plans begin to fruit and grow, in Raku, across the great grassy Plains of Alcar, in the great Harad desert and as far south as Ibavi.  We moved to a Huge Map, where we could see the many forces moving.

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Puppy zooming

...Lurcher stands awkwardly in background. Poor Rosie.  She didn't want to play with him today.

I should get my old manual lenses out. The autofocus lens can't cope with puppy heading towards it at top speed.  At the moment, recall training is going swimmingly, since Theo is still at the age where a sliver of cheese or a biscuit is SUPER EXCITING.  I shall have to be careful not to rely too much on this once he is a bit older and starts testing limits.

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Experiments with browsers etc

Since I got the new laptop, I've been experimenting with using Microsoft Edge, because it's been a long time since I used a Microsoft browser, and it seemed like an idea to spread the distribution of all my personal data across two evil empires rather than just handing over the lot to Google.  (I do have Firefox and Waterfox, but I use them for work, I'd been using Chrome for blogging, social media and random searches.)

Edge actually seems to be OK, although there are a couple of annoying niggles about it which keep surprising me.  Bing, however, the MS searchengine, is really pants compared to Google. I'd forgotten how annoying it was to run searches and find that the engine had misunderstood you and provided results that yes, are technically about The Thing, but not in the way I wanted. 

There is merit to the whole 'sell your soul to Google' thing. OK, it Knows Too Much, but on the other hand, that means that Google can work out that when I want to know when hares were considered inedible in Britain, the academia.edu paper is probably going to trump the hare recipe page. 

Rural life

These have just appeared outside the pub. Weirdly, I would be happier if someone in the village had grown the pumpkins, but they have not.  I saw the sticker before the pumpkin people were built: they are from Tesco.  I am not sure why this matters. 

Adopting the puppy

It occurs to me I should write this down before it is lost to the vagaries of my memory. 

Theo was left in a box with fifty euros and his two siblings outside a tiny rescue project, Little Friends, run by a couple of people on the Greek island of Lefkada.   He was about one week old, and probably bred for hunting.  Possibly the owner took the pup(s) he wanted from the litter and gave away the rest.  

Little Friends took them in and fostered them with another litter of pups of a similar age that they had also taken in, who had arrived with their mum.  So although they lost their mother at 1 week, they were fed and raised by dogs, rather than handfed, which should help them develop much better social skills.  Certainly Theo's doggy skills seem to be excellent: he is a confident, relaxed and friendly pup. 

There is no way to know what his parents were like, but the rescue feel that the pups looks like Greek Harehounds, a type of dog that is apparently locally very common as a hunting dog in Greece, but rarely seen elsewhere.  I'd never heard of them until recently! 

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New Laptop!

I gave up on getting the old laptop to stop randomly turning its screen off and not turning it back on again.  I am now copying stupid amounts of photos etc over from old machine (Asus n550jk) to the new one (Acer Nitro 5 NH.Q3REK.008).  It glows red! Also it was surprisingly cheap. 

It will be nice to have working USB ports and an 'n' and spacebar that doesn't randomly fly off and get stuck under the sofa.  Once I have everything copied, anyway...


Basically just a lot of puppy photos

Theo the Puppy has arrived.  We picked him up at Exeter services last Monday, so he has now been with us for a week.  I must say he seems a nice relaxed boy: he likes to race around like a loon from time to time, but he also spends a lot of time asleep!  He isn't quite at the point of sleeping through the night yet, so at the moment I am sleeping downstairs so I can pop him out when he wakes, but then, that is usually 6-7am, which isn't astoundingly early, and he usually drops off to sleep again afterwards. 

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(Also, a post to try out the new LJ post interface, which strikes me as Very Large at the moment, but no doubt I shall get used to it.  Hmph. The text is Very Large, but the font for picture captions is Very Small, and frankly not very useable.  Shall have to stick to just text I think.  ) 


The great tales never end...

But the people in them come and go, and since this year was the fifth and final year of Akallabutts the Roleplaying Game, our part has now ended at last, and we have now fallen out of the tale.  So, with luck, this account of our journeyings should be shorter than the previous years... (she says, hope triumphing over experience again.  Though, it better had be because it's taken me ages to write it on this laptop because the screen keeps turning itself off.  Possibly this is a Hint.   If so, I'm not taking it.

All the photos below are clickable to expand, but I'm putting them in small because there are a shedload of them. )

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That will do for now. There is more!  I knew this wouldn't be as short as I had hoped...
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