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Rosie Roo's Big Boating Adventure

(plus: her two clueless sidekicks...)

This is basically a giant photodump, but I wanted to put some photos from our holiday on here, and not having written it up as I went along, I'm cutting my losses in order to make a post of some kind!

Here are Rosie & Pp outside the pub we stayed at in Yorkshire.  It's a long way from Cornwall to Inverness.  We were not inclined to drive all the way in one day, and Rosie certainly wasn't: when she saw that I wanted her to get back into the car next morning, she made quite a determined effort to go back into the pub...

But!  We arrived on the boat, and it was less difficult to get her into the cabin than I had feared. It was a large and very comfortble boat, with lots of room for dog and humans.  We had two spare bedrooms for our stuff! It was a bit chilly at night, but fortunately I had brought a jumper & two blankets for Rosie, and the human bedding was more than adequate.
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Our twentieth wedding anniversary this year!  We went to Scotland and hired a boat and motored all the way along the Caledonian Canal from Inverness to the far end of Loch Lockie and back! (OK, that isn't actually very far, but it was our first time hiring a motorboat, and there were a LOT of locks to navigate, plus Loch Ness, which can get a bit rough, so it was an Adventure.)

I have lots of photos, but here's the art first:

We had some marvellous misty weather and sunshine slanting through the clouds.  This was a view from one end of Loch Lockie.  We moored here for two nights, and in between, we went down the loch, which I think was the most beautiful loch we visited.  I painted this mostly from life, sitting on top of the boat, which is a cool place to paint from, watching the mist flow past the mountains as the sun went down.

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Dinosaur Road Guardians

These are surely the world's most ugly ducks.  Rosie wasn't tangling with them.  We met them on a trip to the ice-cream shop when the weather was still uncomfortably hot and stuffy; It's turned cooler now, which is a relief.  It is the time for Arty Open Studios here, and yesterday I and my Mum went off to visit some, despite the downpour.   Probably my favorite artist was Karen Nicol who does rather lovely fabric art featuring a lot of whippets (we met the whippets, which may have influenced me somehow.)


Should I apply to adopt this puppy

He's a Greek harehound.  Someone put him,his brother and his sister in a box with 50 Euros and left them at a shelter. Expected to grow up to be mediumish sized.

Things are going fairly well at the moment. How much do I want to gamble...


Fankil the Not-so-ghost kitty

 He still looks a bit alarmed when he sees you.

But he no longer runs away. In fact, he sits there and smiles!
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Arty Stuff

It’s hard to work out,with art, what is ‘good enough’ to show online, to give to people as a gift,  and most of all, to sell.  I am still struggling to work it out. If I paint something, and show it in one place – on tumblr, say, or on Deviantart – and it doesn’t get many people interested, in terms of likes or reblogs or whatever metric you use is that because I didn’t show it to enough people, or because it’s not of a high enough standard for anyone to be interested in it yet, and so I need to work for longer on technique? Or is the subject only of interest to me?  Or should I take a new approach to what I make?

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Anyway, on Friday I made this in art class (well, I made some of it last week but this is the finished version.) It was supposed to be a 'how to paint mist' practice, but I'm pleased with it beyond a practice piece.   The figure is inspired by a free stock photo by Marcus Ranum, who is a very public-spirited soul who enjoys taking highly professional stock photos and giving them away to people to use for art.  I'm not sure I've quite managed to catch the texture of silk, but it's not bad.  I probably can take from this that I should work harder at sourcing reference photos..

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Things Made

First of all, I managed to find things to put the elderberry wine in (though I chucked out the dregs rather than filtering them because I already had more elderberry wine than I am likely to drink.  Although I do rather like it, particularly with ice.  I know you don't usually put ice in wine, but then, this is rather strong wine, almost like sherry really.)

And then last week in art class, I made this:

It's a painting of St Mark’s basilica in Venice, done as an exercise in painting misty buildings from a black and white photo.  I decided it would be better with tentacles.Read more...Collapse )

Still no spiderbaby

So we DID go to the village show, which after migrating from field to field around the village for some years, now seems to have settled conveniently in a field just up the road from us so it's easy to walk to.  It is tradition that our village show should occur on the one really wet weekend in July, but not this time.  The sun shone, the sky was dotted with small attractive clouds, and there was a pleasant cool breeze.  Perfect Village Show weather.

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Some years ago in a fit of enthusiasm, I made elderberry wine.  The enthusiasm lasted long enough to get it into a demijohn, and then faded away, so in the demijohn it had sat ever since.

Today we attacked the Things that had built up in the library, one of which was the 'wine'.  I almost poured it away untasted, but then that seemed wussish, so I drank some.  To me at least, it actually seemed quite palatable, though it's bloody heavy on the alcohol.  Sadly I cannot drink a whole demijohn of it at once...  Am off to the village show shortly, where I have a vague memory last year someone was flogging off old bottles cheap.  Fingers crossed!


33 degrees C today in Cornwall, and that is WAY too hot. We are not accustomed!

I refused to walk Rosie this morning, because it was already baking when I woke up. I'll take her for a late evening walk instead.  By a stream, probably.

Did try doing a bit of outdoor painting on walk on Sunday, but had to give up because Rosie got bored and also there was a horsefly.  I do hate horseflies!

Tried to finish it off later, but I didn't have a camera with me and so had to work from memory: I don't think I got the light quite right.  Still, it's all practice.

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