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Yavanna's Creations

Yavanna shows off some of the trees and creatures she has made to Varda.
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In other news, Gothmog kitten got Rosie Roo to play with her today!  I was watching carefully, but Rosie was very gentle and playbowing nicely, and Gothmog didn't quite have the nerve to rush right up to her: she kept charging up, running out of nerve, doing a WITCH'S CAT stance on her toes and then running away.  I'm really pleased: I think Rosie will like to have a cat friend, if only Gothmog doesn't get too rough with her!  (I know that sounds ridiculous when Rosie is 23 kilos and Gothmog is about 2, but honestly, Rosie is the dog that got rushed by a horde of guineapigs a few days ago*.  She is not Robust.  I must try to get a photo, though photographing anything that's moving indoors at this time of year isn't easy.

It probably helped that it POURED with rain today, and Rosie walked about 100 feet up the road, wrapped up in her waterproof coat, then decided that was Enough and towed me firmly back home.

Still no sign of Fankil, other than a pair of worried eyes and cat food vanishing. Gothmog is currently sitting next to me on the sofa though, cuddling and purring.

* 1 guineapig was EXCITING.  She stared and trembled.  3 guineapigs was almost too much excitement!   She yipped!   but then suddenly about 30 guineapigs came swarming out of their hutches and over to the wire squeaking madly and hoping we had brought cabbage, and it was clear Rosie felt this was Far Too Many, poor munchkin. :-D

A chapter!

I added a chapter to The Lands of Weeping and of War, which is my story  that follows the version of the Silmarillion from 1937, which is slightly different to the published Silmarillion in that Maglor does not vanish but hangs about with Elrond.
Elrond discovers that the defeat of Angband does not mean that Middle-earth is safe.
I thought it would be fun to throw a little peril into the pot, but it all got a little more serious than I had really intended.

Pub by night & demon vaccinated

The pub in our village has got a truly magnificent Christmas tree this year!   It also has a young stream running across the front of it, which creates some pleasing reflections.

I walked past this morning and noticed a pile of dead pheasants on the picnic table on the right.  I assumed someone had put them there until they were plucked, but later there was a Facebook post by the pub asking who had left them there.  I assume they are a donation to the stew, but I wonder if they have found out where they came from yet.

In kitten-related news, we decided to move Fankil into a big dog-crate, because we were worried about catching him to take to the vet.  This went badly, when he got caught up in an old telephone wire and some speaker cable under the desk.  I ended up with six bites on both hands and we both had to go to the minor injuries unit on Sunday night for antibiotics.  Today we took Fankil in for his vaccination, wearing gloves, but he was actually very good this time, so our current theory is that he just panicked because he was caught up.   Fortunately, it will now be a year before we have to pick him up again, so we have time to work things out with him!

Gothmog, despite her name, seems to be getting on with everyone and washed Rosie's ears for her yesterday.  Rosie seemed more resigned to this than enthusiastic, but that will do. 



We had resolved that we were not going to rush into acquiring more cats after Yama died.  We were going to wait at least til after Christmas!
 But the house felt awfully empty with only two humans and Rosie in it, and one way or another I seem to have ended up in an awful lot of rescue Facebook groups...

So on Friday we went to visit a couple of kittens: well, one kitten (15 weeks), and one young cat (10 months).   They were down near St Austell, and though we had planned to just pop in and visit them, then have the homecheck and collect them later, it seems we gave a very convincing impression of being loony cat people, because having chatted for a while, they asked us if we'd like to take them right away to save us doing the drive twice.   This is not a question we are capable of saying no to, so we borrowed baskets, and took them with us.  They reckon they'll do a followup check instead of the homecheck.
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This was a tough idea to paint, because of the problem of trying to show alarm and trauma through stance and expression on a face smaller than a thumb, and I'm not sure I really made it work, but I gave it a brave try and probably learned some things.  I think I could have done this better on a large canvas, but I'm not sure I really want a picture of a full-frontal naked elf on a large canvas.  It's not the kind of thing you can just hang anywhere

This scene is from my story: The Eldar That Were Faithful and I'm going to put the scene as a snippet underneath the painting.

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Today's painting of a lady with nipples

I painted this incredibly fast, so I'm really pleased how well it has come out.

The Sleep of Yavanna (with special appearance from a friendly plant with tentacles)Read more...Collapse )
I became annoyed and resolved to paint 'female-presenting nipples'.

These nipples are a little squonk, but hey, real nipples sometimes are too.  I was severely disappointed that the Tumblr system which is merrily flagging sand dunes, archaeology and photos of fingers did not recognise the ones I painted, but perhaps that's why I need to practice.  I am proud to say that my camera software identified both faces in this picture as faces.

A lot of people seem to be running around wondering where to put their art now. I'm just going to chuck mine into my big LJ bucket as usual and hope.
Pic & brief story with Bilbo Baggins under the cut.
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Rainy weekend: I wrote a thing

I had intended to spend some of this weekend doing a long walk with Rosie, but the weather was terribly gloomy and the Sarcastic Saluki not terribly enthusiastic.

So once I had packed All The Things and posted them, we trundled over to meet my mother.  We'd arranged to meet in a Dartmoor car-park, and I admit that if I had not been able to see that she had clearly driven through the MASSIVE muddy puddles and in and out of the potholes to park already, I might have quailed.

As it was, if a woman in her eighties driving a VW Polo could get in, so could I in my Volvo, I reasoned (thinking about it, I'm not sure this was true.  The Volvo is a lot heavier.  It was entirely possible that I might have plunged to a watery doom.  But as it happened, I didn't. )

Anyway, the carpark was splendidly empty apart from us, and so were the woods, and since our short stroll was enclosed on one side by a river and on the other by a cliff, I let Rosie off the lead to scoot about after squirrels, and she was very good.  My mother insisted we should follow her through hedge and briar, and I was slightly concerned that she (my Mum, not Rosie Roo) was going to fall off a wet log in the rain and break something but she didnt'.  Then we went off to the cafe and had coffee and avocado toast with poached eggs (apart from Rosie, who had a sausage).

Then I came home via Lidl, looked at the rain, decided not to do any gardening and instead wrote:

No Glasse of England
Fëanor and Nerdanel make a visit to modern Warwick, the town that inspired the poem ‘Kortirion Among the Trees’. The title is from the agreement for "John Prudde of Westminster glasier, 23 Junii 25 H. 6, covenanteth &c. to glase all the windows in the new chapell in Warwick, with Glasse beyond the Seas, and with no Glasse of England'.

I didn't know about this till I looked it up almost at the end of writing to find out who was responsible for the glass at St Mary's church in Warwick, and was much delighted to find that wording. 

I also discovered, while looking that up, a gentleman named Steve Clare, who wrote this book. I'm now wondering if he's a long-lost relative, since we share a surname, and my paternal grandfather came from a family who were glass-painters in central London. 

This week in art class. And: Cats.

I was working on a stormy sky marshland landscape with reflections and (I hope) a battle.   But it's not done yet.

However, I did paint this portrait this week. I don't think I'm quite there yet with portraits, but this one is a lot better than some of my efforts.  This one is called 'But what if Gimli was a hot dwarf???'

We have, if all goes well, arranged to adopt a pair of kittens.  We meant to leave it till the New Year, but... well, it's weird having no cats.  We just aren't a household that doesn't have cats.   So, we've reserved a 14 week old kitten and an 8 month old from a local rescue, subject to us passing their homecheck, which I hope will be OK!  The kitten is black, and we're going to call her Gothmog.  I've always wanted a black cat called Gothmog.  The older kitty is very nervous after a bad start and will need some confidence-building, but I'm hopeful we can manage that.

I hope Rosie isn't going to be too outraged.  Plans for extra dogs will have to wait a bit until the kittles are settled.

Oh, also, I am In Charge again this weekend as Pp is off at Dragoncon.  I hope nobody buys anything complicated!

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