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Because I have not posted for a while, and this is potentially DISASTROUS as I rarely remember things if I don't write them down.

- Yesterday I took 8 large paintings, four small paintings and 5 paintings in mounts and envelopes for the 'browser' (which is one of those y-shaped floor stand things where you flick through a bit pile of art) to Tavistock, for the Tavistock Group of Artists annual exhibition.

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- on Saturday, we watched the Chernobyl HBO/Sky miniseries.

Wow.  I had no idea that the Chernobyl disaster was not a pure unforseen accident rather than what appears to have been a cocktail of really terrible management, secrecy, and ambition combined with a near-insane lack of caution.

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It also created an interesting link with another superb miniseries we watched recently, Good Omens, which begins with this statement:

“It may help to understand human affairs to be clear that most of the great triumphs and tragedies of history are caused, not by people being fundamentally good or fundamentally bad, but by people being fundamentally people.”

Which provides a nearly complete explanation of Chernobyl, really.  Fortunately neither miniseries ended with the threatened Apocalypse, though Chernobyl was 99% more depressing than Good Omens

I can see many fun re-watches of G.O. ahead, but I shall probably never rewatch Chernobyl, though I thought it was brilliant, and I am very glad I saw it.

Also on Saturday, we got rid of a couple of chairs that have been lurking in the diningroom by advertising them on Facebook as free (because the cats had had a go at them and they were quite severely scratched) A lot of people wanted our scratched chairs, but it proved oddly difficult to get someone to actually come and take them: the first person dropped out, so I contacted the other people who had left messages, but ALL 6 of them had already sourced other chairs!  So I advertised again, and second time lucky.  But clearly free things move fast on Facebook, and now I have space for some shelves for art supplies, which is welcome because at the moment they are not so much stored as strewn.

What else has happened?  Oh, Fankil continues to improve and become less scaredy.  He often hangs out in the livingroom in the evenings, and also you can now rub his ears and his tummy and he purrs!

Took Rosie up to the hill-fort yesterday, and she hared about looking for rabbits, then well, OK, she didn't exactly come back, but she did stand still and let me put the lead back on, which, in a large empty space far from roads, will do.

Oh, and because I had some spare Perspex, I decided to try a design that could be painted on Perspex to be mounted in a window.  Glass/Perspex paint really shows every blob or hesitation, so I drew this out several times before deciding on this design:

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I met these angry little ponies last year on Dartmoor, they galloped straight past me, intent upon their argument, and I had a chance to take quite a few photos of them, so I used one of the photos to make this.  I changed the colours and textures of the background to make them stand out.

 Pp doesn't like the top bit, I think he feels its too abstract. I feel that it's OK because it's only there as a backdrop to the ponies.

I drew this quickly last night, and it is very small: Huan & Luthien.

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A dumping of small arts

If the art is going to get better, there needs to be lots of it...
So, I got a small watercolour sketchbook for ink and watercolour pencils.  Here's a tiny inktense pencil and red ink tulip with a dragon in it.

And here is a recognisable if not perfect Pp with Yama Bungle.
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This concludes the blogspamming for the day.  I think. 


A garden update

Oh god, the garden.  The last few years my energy and optimism have been low, and I have pretty much entirely let the garden do its thing, with the expected jungly results.  But this year, I seem to be keeping it together better and am beginning to hope that at least a measure of order can be regained.
I was chatting to someone about pansies, and I thought, you know, I could grow pansies.  Pansies are simple and forgiving plants.   So I bought a box and they are doing pretty well in several baskets and pots now.
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Making an exhibition of myself...

I have taken a VERY deep breath, and arranged for  a whole bunch of my paintings (8 large, 4 small, and 5 mounted but not framed) to be shown at the Tavistock Group of Artists exhibition in the Town Hall in Tavistock from 18th to 22nd June, including my Daughters of the Rivers series.  All the paintings will be for sale : eek!  I had no idea how to price them, except that the exhibition rules said that the large paintings must be at least fifty quid, and the small ones at least 20, and I have a vague rememberance from seeing what people exhibited last year that a lot of people went for roughly double that plus the 30% commission so I stuck my finger in the air and guessed wildly.  If anyone buys something I shall be enormously pleased with myself, but even if they don't, I'll have made an effort and Done A Thing and I hope they won't look too embarrassingly amateur among the efforts of professionals.

I’ve also had a couple of paintings accepted for the Tavistock Heritage Trust exhibition to  celebrate Tavistock’s status as a World Heritage Site (ie, it's RIDDLED WITH MINES) in Tavistock’s Butchers’ Hall,  Wednesday 26th and Saturday 29th June. Doors open to all between 10am and 4pm, and there will be a special family event on Saturday 29th (??!!).  What the hell, I thought, so my two paintings (one of ghostly balmaidens and one of the ghostly bargeman and his horse by the canal) will be for sale in that too.  If someone buys either of them I shall be surprised, but again, vastly delighted, and if they don't, then at least I showed them off!

'It isn't busy' I said...

In my last post with the dragon where I mentioned I had been Left in Charge.  This happy state of affairs persisted until Friday, when suddenly the orders began pouring in, and they continued pouring in until Sunday. I think there were probably about... 40 of them? Most were for several items each!

I went to the post-office twice on Monday and Pp went once too! Fortunately though, because of the sheer VOLUME of orders, there was no point stressing about them: I found and packed as many as I could, but it was obvious they weren't all going to be able to be done and some would have to wait till Pp got back from UK Games Expo, where he bought a truly monstrous amount of Stuff. Still, the orders are all done now, and as Pp says, they cleared some space for all the things now sitting all over the house in boxes...

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Progress of the Project Cat

Yesterday, Fankil let us stroke him, and this morning, he climbed on my lap in pursuit of a treat! 

I must admit I wasn't sure we would ever get him to this point...

He is very handsome.

Final lighting

I decided to go ahead and overpaint the shadows from the photo that I took. This was photographed in non-directional grey north light, but doesn't look like it!

I am In Charge again.

But it isn't busy, so I decided I would photograph some elf-coins.

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More dancers

He heard there oft the flying sound
Of feet as light as linden-leaves,
Or music welling underground,
In hidden hollows quavering.
Now withered lay the hemlock-sheaves,
And one by one with sighing sound
Whispering fell the beachen leaves
In the wintry woodland wavering.

The first time I photographed this, the camera took a rather dark photo, and lightening it made it a little over-bright and lost some of the subtlety of colouring, so I decided to see what would happen if I photographed it in a sunbeam. I'm now wondering whether to literally overpaint with those shadows, so the original will gain that more directional lighting.

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