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Should I apply to adopt this puppy

He's a Greek harehound.  Someone put him,his brother and his sister in a box with 50 Euros and left them at a shelter. Expected to grow up to be mediumish sized.

Things are going fairly well at the moment. How much do I want to gamble...


Fankil the Not-so-ghost kitty

 He still looks a bit alarmed when he sees you.

But he no longer runs away. In fact, he sits there and smiles!
Read more...Collapse )t, now is probably the time. 


Arty Stuff

It’s hard to work out,with art, what is ‘good enough’ to show online, to give to people as a gift,  and most of all, to sell.  I am still struggling to work it out. If I paint something, and show it in one place – on tumblr, say, or on Deviantart – and it doesn’t get many people interested, in terms of likes or reblogs or whatever metric you use is that because I didn’t show it to enough people, or because it’s not of a high enough standard for anyone to be interested in it yet, and so I need to work for longer on technique? Or is the subject only of interest to me?  Or should I take a new approach to what I make?

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Anyway, on Friday I made this in art class (well, I made some of it last week but this is the finished version.) It was supposed to be a 'how to paint mist' practice, but I'm pleased with it beyond a practice piece.   The figure is inspired by a free stock photo by Marcus Ranum, who is a very public-spirited soul who enjoys taking highly professional stock photos and giving them away to people to use for art.  I'm not sure I've quite managed to catch the texture of silk, but it's not bad.  I probably can take from this that I should work harder at sourcing reference photos..

More pics, more wittering below cut. Pics less good than the top one, I fear.Collapse )

Things Made

First of all, I managed to find things to put the elderberry wine in (though I chucked out the dregs rather than filtering them because I already had more elderberry wine than I am likely to drink.  Although I do rather like it, particularly with ice.  I know you don't usually put ice in wine, but then, this is rather strong wine, almost like sherry really.)

And then last week in art class, I made this:

It's a painting of St Mark’s basilica in Venice, done as an exercise in painting misty buildings from a black and white photo.  I decided it would be better with tentacles.Read more...Collapse )

Still no spiderbaby

So we DID go to the village show, which after migrating from field to field around the village for some years, now seems to have settled conveniently in a field just up the road from us so it's easy to walk to.  It is tradition that our village show should occur on the one really wet weekend in July, but not this time.  The sun shone, the sky was dotted with small attractive clouds, and there was a pleasant cool breeze.  Perfect Village Show weather.

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Some years ago in a fit of enthusiasm, I made elderberry wine.  The enthusiasm lasted long enough to get it into a demijohn, and then faded away, so in the demijohn it had sat ever since.

Today we attacked the Things that had built up in the library, one of which was the 'wine'.  I almost poured it away untasted, but then that seemed wussish, so I drank some.  To me at least, it actually seemed quite palatable, though it's bloody heavy on the alcohol.  Sadly I cannot drink a whole demijohn of it at once...  Am off to the village show shortly, where I have a vague memory last year someone was flogging off old bottles cheap.  Fingers crossed!


33 degrees C today in Cornwall, and that is WAY too hot. We are not accustomed!

I refused to walk Rosie this morning, because it was already baking when I woke up. I'll take her for a late evening walk instead.  By a stream, probably.

Did try doing a bit of outdoor painting on walk on Sunday, but had to give up because Rosie got bored and also there was a horsefly.  I do hate horseflies!

Tried to finish it off later, but I didn't have a camera with me and so had to work from memory: I don't think I got the light quite right.  Still, it's all practice.

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This week in art class...

Ulmo, Lord of Waters, with dolphins, an orca (not an orc) a Horn, and a little ship for a hat. 

Yesterday we had a lazy outdoor lunch, and I drew/painted this copper beech tree from life. Not sure about the figures, but then I was drawing in intervals between absorbing a large slice of cake.

Today I did a long walk through pine woods with Rosie Roo: a new walk, from Scrubtor, which is Across the Tamar. The scent of the pine trees in the sunlight was truly beautiful: richer than the scent often is later in the year, with a sort of roundness to it that reminded me of ripe blackberries: I think that may have been the smell of the wet soil drying out, since we have had a good deal of rain.

State of the cats update

All our three cats are now getting along well.  Gothmog the Black and Nenya the White spend a lot of time playing together.

Fankil is still shyer, and panics if there's a loud noise, but he seems to be becoming the most snuggly of the three.   Gothmog and Nenya like playing exciting games (though Gothmog likes to snooze on PP's desk of an evening) but Fankil likes quiet moments and having his tummy tickled.  We can pick him up now, and he purrs and snuggles.

However, last night Some Cat jumped on the bed at ten to 6 in the morning, landing on Pp's face and causing him to splutter in alarm. Said cat then panicked and fled across Pp's face and then mine, leaving Pp with an impressive set of facial scratches, and me with a couple of small punctures to the cheek.  Neither of us was awake enough to really register which cat did this, but the MO definitely suggests it was Fankil.

What I did on my holidays

This is partly because I and Rosie went away with my Mum to stay for a week in Maldon, which is where she was born and lived until she was 18 and wiped the Essex mud off her feet with alacrity, to go off to university.

Although Mum still has cousins in Maldon, and we've seen them occasionally, I'd only actually been to Maldon once, when I was... probably about six? For a family wedding.  I can remember almost nothing about the place from that visit but a vague impression of mud.  This proved to be accurate, as far as it went, although actually Maldon is considerably more pleasant as a place to visit than I was expecting.

First of all, if you ever need to go from Cornwall to Maldon, do not go on a Friday.   The route involves the M5 (holiday traffic going home and on holiday) the M4 (Contraflows as far as the eye can see!) and the M25, which as we all know is specifically designed to be the shape of the character Odegra, meaning “Hail the Great Beast, Devourer of Worlds” in the language of the Black Priesthood of Ancient Mu.   Then after that you get to do the A414 which for a busy multi-carriageway A road is in appalling poor condition, and has so many holes and patches that driving on it at more than 60, which everyone does, feels like it's going to shake you apart.

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