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Sunset painting and a drawing.

I thought I'd try replicating the sunset light of the evening walk and the first stars coming out.  Still haven't quite got skies down.  I think I need to thin the paint more so it goes on more evenly, though I like the glowing effect.  It's still hot, so still walking late and early.  Well, fairly early.  Early in the 8am sense, not in the 4am sense!  And stopping at streams.  I must say it's much easier walking with a saluki-cross than it used to be with a greyhound, where I had to be so very careful to plan walks that included shade and water.  Most of the time Rosie isn't even panting.  She's outside in the sun right now, in her bed on the patio, and showing no signs of being too hot. Read more...Collapse )

Late night dog walk to avoid the heat

To Newquay this afternoon, to visit Pp's cousin Sarah, who was holding a charity tea.  There was about a ton of (excellent) cake and scones, and my goodness it was hot. We met their cat, and their dog, but sadly not the stick-insects that apparently live in their rose-bushes, which were feeling shy.

It's been a good few years since we had a summer quite like this.  I'm not complaining though.  It makes a nice change from the sticky humidity we've had the last few years, to have blazing sun and starry skies at night. Read more...Collapse )

Steamship on the River Tamar

I decided to try to paint a black and white postcard from 1906 using light stolen from Claude Lorrain, and add a lurcher.

This was the light I tried to steal: 'Sunrise' and this was the postcard that I used for reference: Weir Head, 1906.

I feel slightly guilty not so much at having added a tree (other references suggest that you probably could find a tree at that time and position it like that) but more at having added a sunrise which is a bit more North than East.   But you know.  Artistic effects, etc.

Clearly I have a long way to go on getting the detail and river-reflections right, though I suspect the original is larger than A3, which does help.

River and Sea

It has been far too hot recently, and mostly we have done very little.  But on Sat evening and Sunday evening we bestirred ourselves to catch the tide.

It was too hot for energetic paddling on Saturday.  We found a saltmarsh on the Bere Peninsula, had a picnic and then mooched very gently around it enjoying the cool of the water and what cloud there was.

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Prince Irimon of Ciryatanore

Full length below cut:
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In which I paint a still life

No art class pics for a couple of weeks because I've been working on this, which is rather complex and took several sessions.  The idea was to choose three items that 'represent yourself' and paint a still life of them.  Still life is definitely NOT my thing,but I thought I'd learn stuff from doing this this, and selected the 'items' with the idea of learning techniques in mind. 
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Colin the Art thought this was good and said I should put it in the village show.  I might, if I had a frame for it, but I don't seem to have one that is the right size. 

I don't know why I wrote this

But for some reason I did.

The Lands of Weeping and of War 8520 words (so far)  Maglor, brought to Mithlond by Elrond, has bad dreams, meets some of the Edain who follow Elrond, has an encounter with an old friend, and talks with Celebrimbor and Elros.
Continues my Quenta Narquelion timeline into the 1937 Silmarillion ending where Maglor & Elrond hang out together after the War of Wrath.

I wanted to write about the released thralls of Angband but I ended up writing more about the Edain and the Feanorian remnant.  But I think I will write more of this so I'm posting it unfinished as chapter 1 and will see where it goes.

It's all right, she came back!

Rosie Roo has actually been very good for a long while now.  It's almost like having a normal dog! 

Just dropping off some arty stuffs...

Bilbo & Elrond
I'm not sure I posted this one when I first painted it, because the faces made me wince a bit and the posture seemed wrong.   Anyway, I looked at it again in the light of my Recent Learnings, repainted Elrond's head entirely and did some stuff with the foreground contrast and detail.  I like it better now, though I wonder if I'll want to repaint it again if I look at it next year!

Previous version & a Morgoth under the cut
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Aulë : The Great Smith

His lordship is over all the substances of which Arda is made. In the beginning he wrought much in fellowship with Manwë and Ulmo; and the fashioning of all lands was his labour. He is a smith and a master of all crafts, and he delights in works of skill, however small, as much as in the mighty building of old. His are the gems that lie deep in the Earth and the gold that is fair in the hand, no less than the walls of the mountains and the basins of the sea.

More acrylic pourings overpainted with a face, and this time I used Indian Ink in a spray bottle on the poured wet paint to do the darkness in the corners, which seems to have worked quite well.  I liked the effect enough that I bought some more indian ink, in yellow, blue and vermilion red, to put in my spare spray-bottles.  Ink is excellently cheap compared with paint and pouring medium (pouring medium is quite expensive for some reason), and I like the way ink squirts and drops.

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