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This week in art class...

We had to come up with a painting that would suggest the idea of 'monumental' and 'transient'.
So here is Nerdanel and her art, monumental,  as her husband and her sons, transient fade out of presence and into memory.

Painting this meant I had to explain the basic concept of the Silmarillion to the class, which I felt I managed with reasonable brevity.  It's a great pity that photographing this almost completely washed out the background showing Tirion on its green hill which  was quite proud of. 

Fairy-tales, Cabbages & Potatoes

Here is here is young Sam Gamgee hearing tales of Elves, and Bilbo Baggins, trying to piece together the tale of the Silmarils for the first time. Plus, Frodo Baggins being a wild young mushroom-stealing tearaway that matures into an earnest scholar, and Merry Brandybuck and Sam Gamgee getting started on their great Conspiracy.
Fairy-tales, Cabbages & Potatoes
Gen, 12863 words

For many years I used to say that I really could not write Tolkien fanfic, unless maybe something very short and silly or mostly original characters. Then I decided I could if it was Silmarillion. Then I found that I really needed to work out how to write Bilbo and Frodo if I wanted to write about Elrond. Now basically I seem to have mostly abandoned the whole idea of bits being off-limits. I forget why I decided it anyway.

Years ago when the LOTR movies were being filmed, I remember seeing an interview with Ian McKellen saying that if he were young and playing a Hobbit, not Gandalf, he would have loved to make more examination of the class differences in the Shire and between Sam and the rest of the party, which can sometimes be quite uncomfortable for a modern reader. I thought that was an interesting idea, so I played it up a bit.

I found an art from 1993

We have been doing some serious spring cleaning, and I found this lurking in a tube.   It's gone a little yellow and crunkled and I was going to chuck it out, but then I unrolled it and realised what it was:

It's a painting of  Treebeard, Galadriel and Celeborn in Beleriand Risen.   I am even less original than I thought I was: it seems I have not had a new idea since 1993.  At least my painting has improved a bit. 


So that's what the repost function does no LJ.  Doesnt' seem much point if you can't at least leave a note saying why you reposted it...

Still, I really liked that xkcd cartoon.  I think most people who don't read much history tend to forget just how MUCH of it there is.  Then they get shouty if something is left out, forgetting that inevitably, lots of things MUST be left out and every reading is a partial one. 


Spring Springs...

A bit greyer today, but the sun has come back this week.  I love it when the mist lies over the river. 

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Easter in the Caves of Chaos

In 2012 we went on an Adventure from the Keep on the Borderlands, to the Land of Basic D&D from 1981.  Clearly it was a traumatic experience, because although I think all the characters survived, we did not return to the Keep on the Borderlands until this year, when at least part of the party reconvened with some extra characters to clear out goblins and kobolds from the Caves of Chaos. I can report we were quite successful and the Caves of Chaos now have considerably fewer zombies, skellingtons and weird cultists, and coincidentally, also quite a lot fewer jewels and gold pieces.

Photo above: the Party (level one) about to bravely leave The Road and set off towards the Caves.

Photo below: The Party entering the Caves to tackle some Goblins.
with many hastily-drawn scribbles. PRACTICE.Collapse )


Last week I went to a life drawing session.  The model was a large round very naked gentleman, and I must say, it took me a little while to adjust to drawing someone so very naked.  But I think I did learn some things from it. You just have to keep drawing and drawing and hope that eventually you've made all the mistakes. 

Its quite hard to draw all of a person.  So easy for feet and things to end up off the edge of the paper.  The guy in charge of the life drawing thing reckoned I should be painting on very large canvases, but this is both expensive and hard to store, so I think really I would prefer to learn how to get everything more successfully into the page.

I also trialled some varifocal contact lenses, since I noticed recently that sometimes it's hard to read the very small print on the back of a tube of paint in poor light.  The varifocals were awful.  I would rather have to turn on the light to read a tube of paint than put up with a vast deterioration in my distance vision!  But it made me realise how fortunate I am that my eyesight with contact lenses is really pretty good, and apparently when my eyesight does get worse, there are several other kinds of varifocals I can try.  It doesn't seem worth trying more of them yet though, since I learned that with my usual lenses in decent light I can happily read the bottom line of text on the test card thingy.


Maglor and a white ship

The sky's a bit unsubtle.  This glows in the dark.  Not sure how to photograph that. 

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