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This journal is currently mostly a mishmash of sighthounds, art, photos, cats, books, myth, roleplaying, gardening, Cornwall, random rants, occasional fanfic and random observations about the weather.

I share my house with two sighthounds (Brythen, brindly lurcher and Rosie Roo, saluki X lurcher) and three cats, including a Very Hairy Bear, a humble tabby, and a mad Bungle(Bengal). Oh, and Philmophlegm. I am an Oldies Club dog rescue helper-outer and sometime fosterer of rescue dogs.

I have a largish wild Cornish garden which I intermittently attack with edged weapons and which is a source of joy and despair. My kind of gardening involves hacking wildly at the encroaching jungle, then making a lot of compost.

Read books in most genres like some sort of crazed reading-monster. I will sometimes post my drawings or paintings - often book-inspired in some way. Some of my Tolkien art is here. Sometimes the pictures are terrible, don't think I haven't noticed. You don't get better at doing something by not doing it.

I wrote some fanfic based on some of Rosemary Sutcliff's historical novels (and to a lesser extent, the recent film 'The Eagle') and on Tolkien's The Silmarillion. You can find those here at AO3 though I usually post a copy on my Livejournal too.

My day job is doing web stuff, Philmophlegm and I run a small web development and marketing business from home. The cat department outnumbers the humans.

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