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Last week the sun shone and the flowers glowed among the spring grass, and it rained just enough to make the bluebells shine.

This week it is cold, wet and 'orrible.   I have yet to persuade the hounds to go outside today at all.  Brythen got up, peered out of the door and then went in a decided manner back to bed.  I think they may have decided to hibernate until the sun returns. 
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In the Land of Perpetual Summer, we met an ent. He was a Scotch Pine ent, very tall with a somewhat dubious accent and a rather difficult name: Galadhith.  But he was friendly and full of information.Read more...Collapse )


And once again I say: continued...

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It was a long walk, a very long walk, east and south from the cold northern shores of the Bead people, where of old was foul Utumno.  Far, far into  the endless waving grasses of the Plains of Alcar.

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Almost there now... 
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Soon most of us were back inside, using Sirithglor's sparkly but admittedly effective magic to get past some Morgoth-ensorcelled Pillars of Gloom into the Ghost Roads full of dead people.  You will note that Sirithglor wears different clothes whenever I draw her.   This is because she carries an enormous wardrobe of sparkly and more-or-less diaphanous garments at all times.Read more...Collapse )

... And no. I am still not finished. A lot happened!
But really, it doesn't matter too much if you intend to spend as much as possible of the week in Middle Earth and not venture Outside more than is strictly necessary.

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This has got really long, and I've only got to about Sunday. To be continued...

Ost in Edhil in the evening

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Hoping I may have time to add another Eregion drawing for huinare's We're Sorry Celebrimbor Month in June.

Bunked off, had some weekend.

I went to Greenscombe wood this morning.
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Good things; bad things


Dogs, cats and archaeology

How do they *know* what food they are supposed to eat, so they can refuse to eat it...?Collapse )

Brythen"s Weird Fears: Only Towels Left to Go. Plus, Rosie Roo & ScentworkCollapse )

I'm enjoying reading about all the finds at Saveock Water archaeology: seems to be a very strange and interesting site, with 17th century 'witch pits', a crystal-studded neolithic hearth, a votive pool, ancient tin smelting and recently they found some aurochs footprints!  I'd rather like to go and do a dig holiday there, but I don't see that I can really spare the time, alas.  But they do have 'taster days' starting this year, so maybe I could at least do one of those.   It's out West past Truro, but not too far to go in a day, I think.  

Port Eliot Dog Festival

Brythen and I volunteered to help out on the Greyhound Rescue West of England stall at the Port Eliot Dog Festival.   It was quite a relaxed sort of event, and despite my fears after a dampish morning, the sun shone.
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