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I edited him to move his knees up.  Looks like the light was a bit different this time when I photographed him too.

I'm trying to improve my painting of faces and figures by doing a lot of paintings to work on my technique, so I decided to do a second version of my Orodreth painting.
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A few snaps from this week.

I went with my mother to the Royal William Yard, the old Royal Naval victualling yard in Plymouth this week.   We had a vague plan to visit an artist friend of hers who has a studio in the RWY, but in the end, we couldn't find it.  We had a good afternoon out anyway though.   We loved the amazing flower-banks by the car park, all fluttering with butterflies. 

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I went to a school with a house system.  The houses were given attributes that now seem very familiar from Harry Potter.

We had a brainy Ravenclaw-equivalent, and a rather foolish bumbling Hufflepuff-equivalent (nobody wanted to be in the Hufflepuff-equivalent!) and two other houses.  With the benefit of hindsight, I can now see that both of the remaining two houses *thought* that they were the Griffindor-equivalent, and considered the other one to be the Slytherin-equivalent.

The similarities were clear enough that when I first read Harry Potter I actually wondered if Rowling at been at my school, but no. So now I suspect these characteristics of being widespread among school houses, at least in the 1980s.

Visiting the pigs

Someone in our village bought a house with a garden that had been untouched for many years.  To clear it, they are using the 'apply pigs and stand back' method. The pigs like visitors and come gallumphing over to see who is passing.
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The Council of Orodreth

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And the brief story that the painting is from:

The Council of Orodreth: 1634 words, gen.
In which Celebrimbor watches as Nargothrond decides not to join the Union of Maedhros.
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Or on AO3


Last night I dreamed that I was on a beach in the evening. It had been a bright clear evening; now the tide was coming in and the light was fading. I headed back past the rocks towards the car, hurrying a little, as I had parked at the high tide mark. Looking back, I saw something leap in the waves.  I thought it was a dolphin, so I turned on my camera, although the light was poor enough that my photo would probably come out blurred, it was worth a try.
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Yesterday's score: zero.

I tried a count this morning, but a single gatekeeper seemed such a feeble result that I think I'll have another go later on and hope the butterflies have just got up late.

Battle of Tumhalad

I don't think there's any canon detail on whether Celebrimbor was at the Battle of Tumhalad, where Orodreth died and the army of Nargothrond was scattered and destroyed by Glaurung.  But he had to be somewhere.
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Brythen is still creeping about looking somewhat woe, but he is a bit brighter. Ten days without walks is going to be... difficult, I suspect.  But at the moment he's being surprisingly good and quiet.  Unlike some of the other residents:

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I did the Big Butterfly Count today, but given the number of supposedly butterfly-enticing nectar-producing plants in my garden, the number of butterflies was disappointing: one Tortoiseshell, one Small White and one Meadow Brown.   Plenty of bumble bees and hoverflies though, which I suppose is still a win.
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In other garden news, I have with the help of the Victoriana Nursery determined that the Actinidia Arguta that I foolishly bought from the Thompson and Morgan catalogue was in fact a male plant.   Which is all very well for the flowers, I suppose, but it was the only actinidia arguta listed, and it was in the fruit section!  Being a boy, it's pretty useless in that department.  So I have now bought (from the Victoriana Nursery) a pair of Lady Argutas: one Actinidia Arguta Issai, which is the variety I thought I'd bought in the first place, and is self fertile, and also another wife for him, Arguta 'Jumbo'.   And I have severely cut back my boy Arguta, to make room to plant Madam Jumbo next to him.   I hope these plants will be more successful in the fruit department.

We've also been out hacking at the jungle.  There's still a great deal of jungle left, but the bonfire heap is starting to look like a young Greenwitch, so some impact is being made.

And now Rosie is squeaking at me so I'd better trot her down the lane before she breaks out into full-fledged Saluki Nose Whistle mode.

Dog related excitements

1) The Wandering Whippet
All this week, our village has been distracted by a mysteriously appearing whippet wandering the main road through the village, all the way from the pub all the way to our other main landmark, the postbox.
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2) The Woeful Lurcher

I walked down to the river this evening.  Such a wonderful evening, sun shining through the trees, the dogs were being so good, staying close and coming back to check in regularly.
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Rosie decided to race about for fun, and Brythen joined her.  They were having such fun.  And then Rosie doubled back, Brythen tried to follow,  ran into a tree and laid his shoulder open.  Poor big lump, he was crying and crying. :-(

Fortunately, once he'd got over the first shock he was able to walk, more or less.  I'm not sure I could have carried him up that slope.  Even more fortunately, I was in the one tiny patch of the Tamar Valley that by some freak of mobile networking  actually has a phone signal, so I was able to call Pp, who brought the car down as far as possible to pick us up.  

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