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Extremely healthy apparently

I went to my mystery medical appointment that someone phoned up to arrange without telling me what I was being booked in for.   From the wary way that the nurse asked me 'did anyone mention what this is about?' I get the vibe that nobody phoned had been told, and she had therefore been dealing all week with people who had made up their own minds what the appointment was for, and were unwilling to be dissuaded.

I had no preconceptions, so was happy with the reveal that it was a cardiac checkup.    I was weighed, measured (do they think I'm going to get taller at my age?) had a pinprick cholesterol test and a blood pressure check and was asked questions about my diet and smoking habits.

All these things revealed that my chance of cardiac problems was rated at 0.92.  Apparently anything under 20 is good.  The nurse was quick to assure me however, that there is no money-back guarantee. 


The Doom of the Noldor: a Rant.

Mandos: "Tears unnumbered ye shall shed; and the Valar will fence Valinor against you, and shut you out, so that not even the echo of your lamentation shall pass over the mountains. On the House of Fëanor the wrath of the Valar lieth from the West unto the uttermost East, and upon all that will follow them it shall be laid also.

Manwë : almost immediately sends Eagle to help Fingon, who quite clearly should be counted as a follower of the House of Fëanor, rescue Fëanor ’s eldest son.

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Come for a walk!

A fabulous warm sunny day on Saturday.  I shall go for a long walk, I thought!  But when I got halfway up the hill, I remembered I still had a cold, and was very wheezy.  So I hastily rethought my route and paused to take some photos.  Here we are pausing, and admiring the early cherry tree.

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Today I was more ambitious and walked further, doing a walk that involves a steep uphill climb on the way home.  Oh lord, that was a mistake.  I have spent the rest of the day wrapped around a bath, a book and a lemsip.  So I still have not done the long walk I planned, but the hounds seem to be prepared to accept that I'm not quite up to providing a mega-walk today, thank goodness.  They are fast asleep. 

Finwë and Míriel

heartofoshun wrote a very early Silmarillion-setting story I liked.  It's called We Weren't Born to Follow, about the Tatyar, the not-yet-Noldor deciding under the stars whether to follow Finwë and journey West to Aman.   I loved the image of Míriel under starlight and the Noldor watching Finwë speak, his eyes full of light,  everything colored by starlight and firelight, so I tried to draw it.

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As usual it looked better in my head than on the paper,  and better on the paper than as a photo, and better as a large photo than a small one... but there you go, that's the internet for you. 
My Fëanor story I wittered about previously has now morphed from just being the tale of Dead Fëanor zooming around invisible becoming increasingly infuriated, through How to Fill up 42 Years of War of Wrath, through to: Hey, while I'm at it, I could try to answer my various questions about the latter end of the Silmarillion, specifically:
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65,000 words and still there is absolutely shedloads of War of Wrath to go, AND I still need to decide what to do with Dead Fëanor, who is now frivolously bantering with Gandalf and bloody-mindedly refusing to be in a story with a proper ending to it.

Normally I can never write anything this long or anything like this fast, and to be honest, I never thought I would or could write Tolkien fanfic at all. It is all most odd.

Mount Edgecumbe on a Saturday

We decided to go over to Mount Edgecumbe on Saturday, since the weather forecast was good.  Of course, when Saturday arrived, it was snowing, but we thought let's go anyway.  And in fact it was quite pleasant down by the sea, although it would have been a sunnier day today.  Here's the folly and Drake's Island and Plymouth in the background.

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Health v system

Phonecall from NHS: will I come in for checkup?  Well, OK I say, and agree a date and time.

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Oh NO, Rosie Roo!

Pp let Rosie out into the garden for her late-night pee.  20 seconds later I hear barking growling and snarling in the garden, but by the time I had got over there, there was silence, and before I could find some shoes, she came hurtling back in again, with a cut on her nose and smelling VERY STRONGLY of some animal musk.

It doesn't smell like fox, so after some thought, I conclude that Rosie has probably encountered a badger in the garden.  Thank goodness she got away with only a cut.

Go AWAY badgers!   Rabbits in the garden I can tolerate, but I draw the line at carnivores with honking big claws. 

It stopped raining!

If Pp had not borrowed my car to take the Shop on the Borderlands to the Plymouth War-games show, I might have taken an Excursion, but as it was I just went out for a wander down the valley to admire the mist.  The snowdrops are almost out, but they're looking a little draggled.  But the mist and sky were beautiful.

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Dogs in ice

Despite today's miserable fog and drizzle, we've had some good days this week.  Here's the view out across the village to Dartmoor, after snow has fallen on the high moors.  We often get this weather with the river valley in sunshine and cloud and snow up on the hills.

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And these are from a frosty walk a couple of days later.  I love the way the light glows on the frost.
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