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To the Sea (or at least, the Channel)

Last weekend, we went south to the sea for a few days.  Admittedly that's not very far away: one thing we are not short of in Cornwall is coast, but it makes for a nice change to wake up by the sea.   We were staying in a hut on the cliff (when I say hut, that's what it introduced itself as.)  This was the view from the garden, on the first morning.  

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Clifftop wandering in Crackington Haven

These photos have been lurking on my camera card since my birthday a couple of weeks back.   We had a trip up to the North coast of Cornwall for a change, and went up a cliff.

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Well-targeted advertising.

I just caught this advert for James Wellbeloved dog food, and it gave me FLOODS of tears.

I don't feed this particular food to my dogs because it doesn't suit Brythen, but apparently their ad team know how to neatly press all of my buttons.

Unsurprising newsflash

It is bloody nippy on top of Dartmoor on the twelfth of March.

I should have taken gloves!


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Finwë and Míriel #2

Still inspired by heartofoshun's early Noldor story, We Weren't Born to Follow I re-drew Finwë speaking to the Noldor (and particularly Miriel) from my previous version.  

Pose is better, it looks more finished. I still wish I could draw faces better!   Yeah, I know.  Practice...
Inktense pencil with acrylic paint highlights on pastel paper. 

No! No! No!

If you are running a database with an API that other people have to connect to and pull data out of using scripts they had to write, you don't just RANDOMLY CHANGE THE FIELD STRUCTURE AND CAPITALISATION TO MAKE IT PRETTIER!

Without any notice, or information, other than just updating your own documentation, so that bunn, staring blankly at code she wrote months ago, has to go and look at the documentation, and stare as if seeking enlightenment at the data coming out of the database, to finally figure out that, oh yes, all these fields that were named like this, are now named like that!



Driving home from Tutwell...

I had to go to Tutwell.  It's close enough that I could have walked, if I'd had all day, but I did not so I took Helga the Saab.  For some reason I took photos on the way home. Read more...Collapse )
On top of a fence post,
all covered in green
I photographed lichens
That evolved before the Eocene.

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No rush, then.

Although while I was wandering past, the postman came past in his van, so I deduce this may be not so much a complete 20-week road closure, so much as that fine Westcountry tradition, the road sign aimed at People Not Us.   We, the people who live here and are prepared to take a gamble on a small risk of having to reverse for half a mile through the mud, may pass.    Although this isn't going to my village, so this sign actually IS aimed at me, since I am, in this particular context, Not Us.   

Ad done right

Sometimes I listen to random music on Youtube in another tab and just see where the Youtube auto-feed thing takes me (weirdly often it takes me to Lou Reed, although often from wildly different starting points.)

Often my background music is interrupted by ads with music of wildly WRONG matching with the video, such as the awful, awful ad for Google's latest phone, and the ad for that awful Youtuber who believes in aliens.   I am very fast at swapping tabs to zap out of those ads.

But today I was served an ad of such consummate beauty that my tab-zapping was arrested, and I froze, mouth open, to watch it.  I seriously regret that I can't actually buy anything as a result of seeing it.  It fitted beautifully with the LOTR soundtrack I was vaguely listening to.

Here is the website it took me too. It's a travel site for a place I'd never heard of in Japan.  :  https://tohoku-japan.jp/    Should I ever go to Japan, I now want to go to Tohuku.

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