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I just drove past the old railway embankment where the Terror Goat brought fear to Rosie and Brythen a couple of days ago, and can report that it has ESCAPED.  Its enormous shaggy form is now wandering free among the old mine buildings, munching on brambles and looking ridiculously smug.   If it jumped off the railway embankment then it has survived a 20ft fall, but I suppose that is nothing to a goat.
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In other news, I'm still writing that 'what if Feanor didn't go to the Halls of Mandos after his death' story, only it has sort of segued into the Silmarillion from the Feanorian point of view that I have vaguely thought of for years but had always thought would be too long and boring to write.  Apparently I am now writing it.  I can tell you are gripping your chairs with excitement :-D

In further random animal news, I have just stopped Yama Bungle cat from trying to climb up the chimney.  I don't know if he can actually get up there, but I'm not keen to find out that he can and has got stuck.  I guess this means he is feeling better. 

Cat update

Yama Bungle has been unwell, and needed daily antibiotics.  He would not eat the food with the liquid medication on it, so we got him pills.  He would not eat the pills in cheese, or sardines, or liver cake.    We have been forced to adopt the Cat Is Basically A Tube method, where the cat is swaddled in towels and you try to inject medicine into his mouth.
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Bit nippy out

I had thought that the frost might be gone by the time I had finished wrapping the dogs up in layers of coats, but no, down in the valley, the frost was still lying on the old Gunnislake Clitters mine.

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A walk through Sheba Woods

A frosty, sunny morning today and we went for a walk through Sheba Woods.

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A Quentin Tarantino Silmarillion

I went down to the bottom end of the internet, where I found an inspired suggested casting for Fëanor:

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The Cat in the Hat

If you collect hair from your cat when you groom him, you can then felt that hair together into a small pointy hat and make him wear it.

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Hill of Himring...?

I was quite pleased with the general look of this, but am now wondering if it should have been bigger, somehow, given that this was the hill that withstood the downfall of Beleriand....

The design is loosely based on the fortress of Masada.  But I think if I'd reduced the size of the detail (eg, given it more towers but made the towers smaller) it might have been hard to get the whole thing in the picture.  It was only drawn on A4.

Letters from Disreputable Aunt Amalda

This was my favorite of the things I made for artfeverfest. The prompts were Female Pirate/Mermaid, with a suggestion that the mermaid might save the pirate from drowning, Also mentioned: a sunset sea, and scary old fashioned siren type mermaids. I got carried away and ended up writing some letters as well as making pictures. (Under the cut: large images, probably not ideal for mobile viewing).

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The perspective of the ship in the first pic is way off, but it kind of has to be to get everything in.  I'm not sure it was a good choice to do the text as a script font, but I tried it several ways and couldn't get it quite right.

Amalda's clothes are inspired by the historical pirate, Anne Bonny. The siren-mermaids were inspired by the oil painting "Ulysses and the Sirens" by Herbert James Draper, in which the sirens appear to grow legs as they come up out of the sea, and also by this Italian siren sculpture, where the siren (as often in old representations) is shown with two tails.

I have lots of thoughts about how Amalda became 'disreputable aunt Amalda' and how she left Uckfield and took to a life of piracy on the high seas, and possibly about her niece Jo, who will probably eventually run off to sea to join her.   I haven't written them down though.  Or not yet, anyway. 

Overdose of squirrels

Brythen had a very very exciting morning, with a lot of squirrels in it.  The squirrels were fifty feet or so up, but that didn't stop them being very exciting.  And now Brythen is rather sore and sorry for himself, and has a swollen bit behind one of his front legs.  I think we will have to take it easy for a few days.
 This was him coming back from the Land of Squirrels:
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Strange old things on Ebay

Back in... 1997, I think, my grandmother died, leaving a house stuffed to the brim with a lifetime's carefully sorted junk.   We all took a few bits and pieces and then a house clearance company was called in to deal with the rest of it.   My father in law, who has an interest in photography, took some of my grandfather's old cameras.

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